High Voltage Consulting


Since those dark days following Curtis’ horrific injury, he has committed himself to using his story and experiences in a positive way. Whether it’s for developing or changing a safety culture in workplaces. Inspiring youth in Schools to speak out, address bullying or self esteem issues. Sharing his experiences while going through several health care systems and providing care management techniques.

Or delivering an exceptional keynote of tragedy and triumph, Curtis always takes the time to complete a comprehensive needs assessment of each client in order to develop the right presentation to deliver the appropriate message for each client.

High Voltage – A story of tragedy and triumph

Delegates will walk away feeling inspired and empowered to make a difference in not only their workplaces but also in their personal lives.

Workplace Presentation

Curtis conducts a comprehensive need assessment to tailor this presentation for each client. Curtis also works with employers to incorporate any key messaging that employer may have in place within their organization, re-enforcing company cultures and messages. Curtis works from his views that in order to change or develop a safety culture, first we must change or influence human behavior. This presentation offers the tools needed to make these changes, with hazard assessment, risk analysis, and a joint-accountability approach to safety management and prevention. Above all, Curtis emphasizes that we must remain accountable to ourselves.

Youth Presentations

Curtis, injured at 17, has a strong connection with youth. In this presentation, Curtis recounts how he was “just like every other teenager”, and relates to the universal youthful sense of invincibility. Curtis offers tools to overcome bullying, addiction, self esteem issues and other challenges faced by youth. This presentation has inspired and influenced change in tens of youth thousands across Canada, and instills the courage needed for youth to make safe and healthy lifestyle choices. Let Curtis share this inspiring message at your School, youth event or group of young workers.

Healthcare Presentation

After Curtis’ injury, he received multiple levels of healthcare and developed many relationships with care providers across Canada. In this presentations he speaks openly about his experiences in hospitals and addresses how care providers can positively affect their patients in ways they may not fully realize. Curtis is a Safety Officer of a Saskatchewan Health Region, his wife is a registered nurse, so he knows well how traumatic injuries like the one he suffered affect the healthcare system. With experience hosting events for thousands of healthcare providers, Curtis leaves his audiences empowered, inspired and with valuable new insights into care management.